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What? No peeps?


Peeps.  She hates them.  My mother hates those tasty, little delightful, marshmallowy bits of heaven.  And, since she hates them, we don’t get them in our Easter baskets.  Now, I know what you might be thinking…”Aren’t you a little old for Easter baskets?!?”.  Well, apparently, my mother thinks the same thing.  Because, this year, instead of getting our own Easter baskets, like all of the past 26 years before, we had one giant basket of candy on the counter, that everyone had to share!?  I understand this might be childish, and whiney, and maybe a little selfish, but SERIOUSLY!?  No EASTER BASKETS!?  Ok – I get it Mom.  We’re getting old, and for that you are punishing us.  But, maybe next year…just maybe, you could hide at least one Cadbury egg for me?  Please?



I think it is hard for me to let some of those child-like traditions go, because I have always loved finding traditions…and keeping them (isn’t that why they’re called traditions!?).  So, for me, growing up sometimes is difficult to face.  Some traditions have to change.  However, that doesn’t change the true meaning behind Easter, or the reason why we celebrate it.



“Amazing love, how can it be,

that you my King should die for me?”
– Chris Tomlin



That being said, on a totally different note, I decided it is about time to start posting some of the sessions we have had in the last several months.  After some busy time traveling and getting back into the swing of things, I have FINALLY had a moment to put some together!


Jared & Skyler are so adorable.  We photographed their engagement session on a chilly morning in February.  The two of them have a special connection and it comes to light in front of the lens. As you can see, sometimes braving the snow is totally worth it!



Skyler, you really are amazing.  Look at that face!  Jared, you better know how lucky you are!

Happy Monday!  And for those of you waiting to see who won the completely-underwhelmingly-responded-to-contest….keep posted.  Results will be up this week! 
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  • April 5, 2010 - 11:46 am

    Dianna - OK..couple of things….I have had to get used to changes in you growing older too. One of those comes in the form of SHARING you with the in-laws! Next year you won’t be with me =[ so maybe Bonnie will hide that Cadbury egg for you =] But let it be known, she better keep track of where she hides it because your track record on finding eggs is “not so good”!! And..I really do hate peeps.