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Ryan & Sandie…engaged | Saint Paul Engagement Photograher

A decade.  I’ve known them for a decade.  When I look back on all of the things that have happened in the last ten years…all of the places I have gone…schools I’ve attended…jobs I’ve had…it seems like forever.  But when I look at our friendships…the time has just flown by.  Back then, if someone had told me they would be married ten years later, I’m not sure that I would have believed it…but now, it makes complete sense.  Ryan (Hendo as I call him) is quite possibly one of the most hilarious individuals I have ever known.  He doesn’t even need to say anything to make me smile…all he has to do is look at me and I laugh.  You know he’s constantly thinking of something funny to do or say…so it’s only a matter of time before it comes to life.  On the other hand, my beautiful friend Sandie (Sandra as I call her) is the sweetest friend I have ever known.  Nothing I could say would fully describe the nature of her kindness.  She is one of my absolute best friends and has been there through every turn of my life these last ten years.  She is the kind of friend who will be there no matter what.  She is loyal.  And she’s one dang good baker. 

I feel completely blessed and honored to get to document their nuptials in just a few short weeks…they are so completely in love, it makes me melt to watch them.

This is what he does…he makes her laugh…
When I did their brief engagement session, I was 8 and a half months along… so we were limited with how long I could tromp around in the woods.  We were lucky enough to get there right around sunset…and it turned out perfect.
The two of you really are good together…you know that?
I love you both.  It’s about time you tie the knot.
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