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They’re getting married this weekend…tying the knot…getting hitched…jumping off the deep end… and we can’t wait to be there for it. 


So… in anticipation of their nuptials….here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session. 


I want to add…when they showed up and got out of the car, Scott literally, and unknowingly, had a dollar bill hanging out of his pocket.  Ghetto-fab style.   I am documenting this fact, because it goes to show that as a CFO for the company he works for…Scott truly is about the dolla bills ya’ll.  Needless to say…(and I can only say this, because I’m one too…) being the attorney that she is, Liz grabbed that dollar bill and stuck it in her purse.  (I’m guessing she’ll save it up for another pair of awesome shoes, like the pair she wore during this session).


I don’t know who was making who laugh so much during this session, me, Liz, or the hilariously dry-humored Scott…but there was a lot of it.   


Scott was tired of posing…so we gave Liz a chance to go it alone…and…she totally knows how to have her picture taken!  Scott, these are for your office.


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Walking into the orientation was a little scary.  It had that “first day of school” feeling.  It was a feeling long forgotten, but it came flooding back.  Not knowing anyone and wondering who is who around you…it was easier once I met her.  She was my first friend in law school.  Four years later, it was a pleasure to be there on her wedding day.
Jen and John are the kind of couple who are just fun to watch.  Constantly interacting and teasing together.  Constantly making me laugh.  Having the attorney’s type “A” personality, like myself and so many lawyers have….it is important to find someone who can balance and compliment you….and Jen definitely did that!  John sits back and lets her passionately rave about what’s on her mind, and when it’s time to calm down, he’ll gently let her know.  They are the perfect compliment to one another, and I am so happy for them.

Jen and John were married at the Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis.  Although it was a blazing hot day…it could not have been more perfect for them.

The flowers Jen chose were simple, yet stunningly romantic.  Her bouquet was breathtaking with brilliant red roses, the symbol of love.  On her bouquet, Jen carried a small photo of her and her Dad, in remembrance of him.  It was a beautiful way to carry a part of him with her on her day.

No wedding at the Sculpture Garden is complete without a picture in front of the famous “Spoonbridge and Cherry”.

One of my favorite things about Jen is how goofy she is.  I can’t even begin to describe all of the faces she can make.  She is constantly getting a laugh out of those around her.  Not to mention all of her little dances for the camera.
John, you can try to look mean…but it doesn’t fool anyone.  You are one of the nicest guys around.

The reception was hosted at the Profi
le Event Center
 in Minneapolis.
Congratulations Jen & John!!
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and these two doctors prescribe a lot of it!  Jessica and Scott met in medical school and through the years, fell in love.  And….it is apparent that they L-O-V-E each other!  As I was going through the countless pictures that we took on their day, there was an abundance of photos where they were laughing or kissing, or both.  It is heart warming to see a couple who is so madly in love and not afraid to show it. 


Their wedding nuptials were in St. Cloud and the reception took place at the Coyote Moon Grille.  The rain held off for all of the photos…and we all felt blessed.   Here are some of my favorites from their beautiful day…..


It was SOOO windy, that Jessica’s veil had a mind of it’s own, and decided to blow right off of her head….
This next little series of photos demonstrates that Jess laughs (giggles) a LOT.  And I love it! 
Jessica, you are simply gorgeous.
Congratulations Jess & Scott! 
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  • July 18, 2010 - 11:24 am

    Jackie Wilhite - Absolutely gorgeous!!! I really enjoyed seeing your day!! I wish Jon and I could have been there to share that once in a lifetime happiness that comes on your wedding day!! CONGRATS!!!!!

They showed up with a car full of clothes.  And shoes.  Rob’s shoes.  Rob brought multiple pairs of shoes for his engagement shoot.  Needless to say….I was excited.  I absolutely love it when a couple brings multiple outfits for their engagements.  And, different outfits…casual, dressy, trendy…it gives me a sense of their style, personality, and allows me to do different poses depending on the outfits the couple brings.  
Rob & Laura are so unique.  They are the kind of couple who are just fun to watch.  Rob has a funny little giggle…and he giggles about everything.  Laura simply shakes her head and smiles.  
Rob & Laura are getting married this coming weekend and I can’t wait for their wedding.  It’s a blessing to photograph a wedding when you know that the couple was made for each other. 

Yep. They did a choreographed cartwheel.
And….they got in the fountain!!  I was in photography heaven.
I think they could have a career in modeling….seriously…look at them!
Happy Monday everyone….
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  • July 12, 2010 - 9:13 pm

    Jill Burgard - WOW!!! These are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • July 21, 2010 - 3:02 pm

    Heidi - These are fantastic… such a great variety! I would be beyond thrilled to have these 🙂

It’s the color of my rump after my nasty spill this weekend waterskiing (true, sad, and embarrassing story).  It’s also the color of her dress.  She can wear it, because it’s in.  I wear black with blue because I like it.  But now, I have permission….because Isaac Mizrahi says so.

Here’s a little sneak peak from the engagement session we got to do for one of my bestest “besties” and her adorable fiance (who happens to be one of my hubby’s “besties” — don’t even pretend that guys can’t have “besties” — from law school). And, yeah Dad, I just used the word bestest and started this sentence with a conjunction.
More to follow…
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  • July 7, 2010 - 6:27 am

    Jill Burgard - Aww!!!! Bestie..this is sooo exciting!!!!! So wonderful! You and Seth did such a great job!!! :0)

  • July 7, 2010 - 8:55 pm

    Melissa Doll - These are such great pics of a wonderful couple! Can’t wait to see more of Jill and Scott!!!

  • July 7, 2010 - 10:47 pm

    Joyce Sieben - Your photography is awesome, as usual, but it’s pretty tough to miss when your subjects are as gorgeous as these two! Can’t wait to see more photos!