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Sweethearts.  They’re high school sweethearts.  But, you’d never know they’ve been together for so long.  They are so passionate about each other that it is sickeningly adorable.  They are one of “those” couples.  That kind of couple that you stare at when you walk past.  They are so perfect together it almost seems unreal.  Not only are they insanely attractive, but they also have the most contagious personalities.  They light up a room together.

Ali & Kyle, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your day.  It was an honor to watch and be a part of.  You two couldn’t make a better pair.

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Puggles.  I used to have an absolute obsession with them.  So when Lauren and Dave brought their beloved puggle, I was smitten.  She was a good little model.  You can always tell that a couple is going to be great together by the way they handle their dog.  The shared responsibility of a pet might seem easy, but there is actually quite a bit of give and take.  When you can figure out a schedule and who is supposed to do what and when, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and a hidden level of communication.  Having been together for quite awhile, Lauren and Dave seem to have a complete understanding of each other without uttering a word.  It is so fun to watch!  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in just a few short weeks!

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It’s been far too long since I last blogged…and in celebration of my brand new website and blog, I wanted to share Amy and Raymond’s beautiful Minneapolis wedding at Aria.  Their day was so incredibly classy with her delicate, jeweled dress and his classic tux and bowtie.  After nearly a decade together this couple has what it takes.  They look at each other like no one else in the world exists.  It’s divine.

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Friends.  Friends of friends that become your friends.  Those kind of friends are the best.  You can pick a conversation topic out of thin air, and most likely you’re going to have a mutual interest in it.  Not only are Leslie and Tyler now my friends, through friends that I made a few years back when I photographed their wedding…my beloved Tim and Elisa…but this is also how Tyler and Leslie met.  Through a mutual friend.  And it is clear that they obviously have that bond of friendship in their relationship.  When a couple is speaking the same language, there is an ease about them.  These two have it.

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next fall…it is going to be a classy, romantic affair…

I just have to say, I love it when a couple dresses to the nines for their shoot. These two were no exception. Dressing up to celebrate your engagement is so worth it…
Their first date was at Bryant Lake Bowl…so they had to go there for a few nostalgic beers…
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Off-script.  Sometimes wedding days go just a little off-script.  You can never predict with one hundred percent certainty that things are going to go according to the plan.  My philosophy is that no matter what, it is your wedding day…and it should feel perfect, like it is going the way it is meant to go.  That way…you’ll have no regrets. 

And that is just how Michelle and Dan handled their day.  After a few last minute changes, we decided to move the location for their first look and it turned out perfectly…as did the rest of the events that followed.  Dan and Michelle are such a quiet and sophisticated couple.  But somewhere in that silence, when no one is looking, there is a goofiness just waiting to come out in each of therm.  I think it might just be the hidden secret to their romance.

Their first look started at Aria…which is quickly becoming one of my new favorite local venues.  Its vintage spaces provide the coolest setting for a reception.

Girls try not to drool on her shoes…yes…Manolo and Badgley…her feet are very loved and pampered…
Thanks Michelle, for being adventurous in the frigid February air…I think it was totally worth it!
There is usually a first for me at every wedding…but this was definitely a big time first…a bride, in Cuzzy’s…it was awesome.
Liane and Kari from Hyacinth Events definitely outdid themselves with this chic winter wedding…it was breathtaking.
Dan and Michelle…may your marriage be richly blessed and full of secret, goofy surprises.
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