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Megan & Dan…engaged…

They are in love with each other…. and, like every true Minnesota, the Minnesota Twins.  Megan and Dan are so sincere with each other.  They are so sure on their feet and their confidence in each other and their relationship is so reassuring.  I love it when a couple knows they belong together.  You know that Dan is absolutely smitten with her, when you see the way he looks at her, smiles at her…and hugs her. 

The weather was beautiful on the day of their engagement session….so we met at one of my favorite nature parks…and went for a stroll…talking and hanging out…

Megan and Dan go to A LOT of Twins games…it is fun to hear them talk about it…  SO…they picked the traditional Twins shirts to wear for their engagement session.  Megan went with the trendy “Mauer” and Dan with the classic “Hrbek”.

They wanted to be able to stick their feet in the water for at least one shot…I didn’t know about it…it looked risky…I mean…you couldn’t even tell what was in that pond…but, they were brave…and I’m so glad they have more guts than me….

And, I’ll end with my favorite shot from their day….

Dan…make sure to hug her like this every day….it’s like taking vitamins…it’s good for you.
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  • November 29, 2010 - 7:04 pm

    Samantha N. Traxler - They are the cutest pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did an awsome job with uncle Danny’s and soon to be aunt Megans photos. Dan is my uncle and so is his brother Doug. I am only 12 but no more about me I like your favorite shot but I like the one where they are kissing and you see the prairie behind them. You did a very good job and I can not wait for the wedding in September!