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Frenchies and Best Friends

Cassie and Stella.  One is my best friend and one is my french bull dog.  One is Nice and one is Naughty.  Cassie sits in a chair and poses when you tell her to.  Stella jumps on a chair when you tell her not to. Stella has been giving me problems and Cassie always solves my problems.

Cassie and Curtis (Cassie’s adorable husband) approached us nearly a year ago to do their pictures for a Christmas card.  At that point we had never met and did not know each other.  However, during the photoshoot it quickly became apparent that Cassie and I had a lot in common…including our love of food, great restaurants, travel and the need to crack a dumb joke about every 3 minutes or so.
After the photoshoot, we began hanging out…and then we went on a trip…and now…I may comfortably say…she is my best girlfriend.  I never thought I would have a best girlfriend.  I have always had great girlfriends…but never a BEST (yes I have lots of Besties…and Besties…you are all still my Besties!!). BUT…Cassie is my best of the best.  My ultimate girlfriend.  
Cassie and Curtis are expecting their first.  We call him Carlos.  Mostly because it is from the movie “The Hangover” but also because I can conveniently call them C3.  
I can’t wait for my baby (sudo nephew/first born) to arrive. However, until then…here are my very favorite sneak peaks from their maternity session.

Cassie, I love you.
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  • August 24, 2010 - 6:37 pm

    Dianna - Love the photo’s…..more please!