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Photography.  It’s fascinating.  No matter who you are or what you do, you are probably interested in it…at least you must be if you are reading this blog (because I know I’m not THAT cool…just because I think I’m hilarious, doesn’t mean anyone else does).  I can’t tell you how many times I get asked “How did you get into photography?”.  (The answer to this is much too long for this particular post).  However, I’m guessing the reason why most people are are so naturally interested in photography comes from that element of being able to capture a moment in time, FOR-EV-ER.


For centuries, telling stories has been a form of art.  Once photography was invented, story-telling changed…but, it is still a form of art!  Ultimately, after hours of planning, shooting and editing, my goal is to give you YOUR story.  My favorite part about the final product I produce is putting together the images in a beautiful sequence and making a big emotional impact.  No couple should go without getting an album of their wedding day.  I didn’t understand this when I was getting married, because I didn’t take the time to sit down and think about what an impact the images would have on me, if I got to see them together, telling a story.  While you can buy the rights to your images, and load them on your computer…you will not look at those images every day, and it will take forever to go through the entire story on your computer.  However, a fine art album can sit out on your table or mantle…and can be opened, flipped through, and loved without the hassle of waiting for pictures to load, etc.  Not to mention, there is just something so real and raw about being able to touch the picture and seeing it as it was meant to be…PRINTED. 


Below is a sample of a fine art album that I created for one of the most wonderful couples in the world!  In the end, each album I create should give you a glimpse into that moment, make you feel as if you were there, and give you a feeling about the relationships we capture.




OH!! And the winner of the DQ is……….Corinne!  If you missed out on the past contest keep an eye on our blog, because a new contest will be coming very soon!  And every contest will have a prize.  Otherwise, what’s the point? 
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