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Dog Lover…Lover of Dogs…

Ok…most of you know that I am a DOG LOVER.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family where my dad is a Vet…and we had dogs around all of the time..and cats…and birds…and fish…and reptiles…and well, basically we lived in a zoo.  But…I REALLY love dogs.  All kinds.  And in fact, most of my clients also have and love dogs…many of which I have photographed.  But, even though I love all puppies…. I especially love MY DOGGIES.  One of my dogs is a French Bulldog…aka…a Frenchie.  Stella.  I love her.  She is my baby. 

ANYWAY…one of the sites I like to visit is  (French + Bulldog = Frogdog)  I visit this site to look at cute Frenchies (because…who can resist a cute Frenchie??)…and I like to hear all about the naughty things that other people’s Frenchies do…mostly so that I don’t feel like I’m a bad parent with a naughty dog full of personality. 

Today, I saw that Frogdogz had made this little movie…and I thought it was funny…so, I’m sharing it with you.  Frenchies can be a little pricey because they should be born by c-section due to their HUGE heads and TEENY bodies.  But, some breeders…as with many breeds, charge an insane price for a made up reason…and many people fall for this. 

Check out this little video for a laugh.  Happy Monday!

There’s One Born Every Minute
Two friends discuss the purchase of a new French Bulldog…

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