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Dave & Beth…engaged… | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

Beth and Dave are hilarious.  Between Dave’s antics and Beth’s concerns of looking awkward…the two of them play off of each other like a pair of dueling pianos…and it couldn’t be more fun to photograph.  The two of them live on opposite sides of the country right now…and are hard to catch. They have super busy lives…so, it was amazing that we were able to make an engagement session work…but I’m so glad we did!

Every time I go to the Rose Gardens…it seems as though it is SO SUNNY!  Which is always perfect for photographing next to this little sundial…
Moments before Dave whipped his fancy-pants glasses into the grass…
This is my favorite photo from the session.  I always love a brave couple…and it looked so refreshing…I was about to hop in there with them…until I saw Dave’s bare feet (just kidding Dave)!
Dave’s only request about the session was to get a photo next to a large tree.  Is this big enough for you, Dave?
Beth….you are so insanely pretty…
OK – I waited until the post was almost finished to say that it was super hot out for their session…but in all honesty, IT WAS!! People…this summer was hot!  So they stopped for Ice Cream…and offered me a cone too…normally I would say no…but this time, it was for my baby, and I couldn’t turn that down!!  It was DELICIOUS!  These two know how to get to my heart.
Beth and Dave, I cannot wait for your wedding next year.  It will without a doubt be fabulous!
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  • September 25, 2011 - 4:41 pm

    Jilly - So pretty! I love the outfits and all the locations!