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Brian & Noelle…married | Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding Photography

Noelle. It’s her name.  It’s my name.  It’s our name.  It’s not often that a Noelle crosses paths with another Noelle…and given our name, there are many experiences in life that we share…just because of our name.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sung to by all of those clever people out there thinking they are the first to realize that my name is in many a Christmas carol.  It is life defining.  Because of this, Noelle and I instantly fell into a total understanding from the first email 🙂  Not long after, we discovered that we are both lawyers… from the same law school… It’s amazing how many things in life you can have in common with someone who starts out as a total stranger… It’s the stuff kindred spirits are made of.  To top it all off, when my assistant Lindsay and I arrived to begin their day, she realized that she actually knew the groom quite well.  What a small world.  This was definitely a day that was meant to be. 

Brian and Noelle have one of those relationships where they don’t even need to talk to communicate.  Maybe it is because they have been together for a very long time…or maybe it is just because she has a spell over him…but either way, she looks at him and he just melts.  It is a beautiful thing to watch.  He may have cried a little bit during this day…and I loved capturing every moment of it.

The entire day took place at the gorgeous Mayowood Stone Barn.  It was phenomenal.  The colors were so brilliant that day, and the weather couldn’t have been more cooperative.

Noelle’s dress was so stunning.  It had a vintage feel to it…with layers of gorgeous ivory and champagne netting and lace…my mouth dropped open when I saw it.
I was so thankful to have Lindsay’s view for this photo…it’s perfect.
Noelle found antique charms to go on each bridesmaid’s bouquet.  Lovely.
After dinner, the rain subsided and the sun started setting…this is one of those drool-worthy moments for me…I just soaked it in…as I squealed from excitement.

Brian and Noelle…you deserve all the best life has to offer, may your marriage be blessed. 
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