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Alex & Doug…the Day After | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Their wedding took place on a cold and very windy day in April.  But it was ok.  They had planned ahead and knew they were going to be doing a Day After session with me later in the summer…so there was no feeling of panic about the pictures.  Day After sessions can be perfect for winter couples or couples who get the blessing of rain on the day of their wedding…or for anyone who wants to put their dress back on again and try some new scenery…they are just plain fun.

Alex and Doug are all smiles.  Honestly…getting them to do a serious face is like asking Kelly Rippa to eat a doughnut…it just doesn’t seem natural.  But, I made them do a few anyway…mostly because I like watching people try. 

To see more about these two, click on this link to view some of my favorites from their wedding day.

These are my favorite photos from the session.  This veil was Alex’s mother’s veil…and it just had that feeling of romance when she put it on…vintage lace.  Who can resist?
Notice that while Doug is bravely holding a straight face for his photo…Alex can’t help but smile…and for Alex’s straight face, Doug is about to crack up here….but they worked it for the camera 🙂 
This final photo is for Doug.  This is his baby.  That car is so precious to him.  And, as he peeled out of the parking lot…I laughed.  It was so him.
Doug and Alex…every time I photograph the two of you…it reminds me why I do this for a living.  I love you guys.
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